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Vision & Mission

Established in 1998, in Athens, the Kokkalis Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, which serves the vision of Sokratis Kokkalis, an internationally recognized entrepreneur in the field of information technology and telecommunications, and honors the work and contribution of his late father Petros Kokkalis, an internationally renowned surgeon and humanist, professor of medicine at the University of Athens and founder of the first neurosurgical clinic in Greece.

Continuing its long tradition, the Kokkalis Foundation adapts its activities to the times we live in and remains up to date, while serving at the same time its vision that focuses on the common interest. That is achieved by its contribution to international cooperation and the promotion of knowledge and education, culture and the welfare state, medicine, information technology and sports, in Greece and abroad, as well as the promotion of a peaceful, democratic and prosperous Southeastern Europe, through the support of public, cultural and scientific life of the region. The Foundation's investment in knowledge, skills and abilities will benefit individuals, institutions, organizations and society as a whole, contributing thus to the development and assurance of justice, prosperity and social inclusion in Europe and beyond.

One of the Foundation’s top priority is its participation to the promotion of more cohesive and inclusive societies, which allow their citizens to play an active role in democratic life, the promotion of common European values ​​and social inclusion, to enhance intercultural understanding and citizens' sense of belonging to a community, and the prevention of violent radicalization. This issue is addressed through non-formal learning activities aimed at the active participation of citizens in the community, the creation of training and cooperation opportunities in voluntary organizations and for individuals active in the field, in order to develop their professionalism and a European work dimension in this particular area.

The Foundation's activities in the field of education are more focused on training, thus contributing significantly to tackling socio-economic changes, the main challenges Europe will need to face by the end of the decade, and to supporting the implementation of the European Policy Agenda for growth, employment, equality and social inclusion. Combating high levels of unemployment - especially among young people, low-skilled adults and people from disadvantaged social groups, including newly arrived migrants - is a priority, as technologies change the way society works, and it is necessary to ensure their optimal use.

At the same time, the Foundation embraces the global vision of making the planet climate neutral by 2050, through a fair transition to a prosperous society with a modern, competitive and resource-efficient economy. In this context, the Foundation focuses on the support of citizens, local authorities and businesses for this transformation, ensuring that no one will be marginalized. The Foundation supports the development strategy presented by the European Commission, as an integral part of its strategy for the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, in this area, the Foundation contributes to the development of collaborations in order to link research with production, through the pilot implementation of projects as well as the creation of Business Teams, with the aim of enhancing sustainability and productivity of agriculture, environmental protection and adaptation to climate change.


Nikis 33, 10557

Athens, Greece

+30 216 8003090

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