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The Kokkalis Foundation is a generous supporter of the publications for the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, 2015-2030 (#Citizens4GlobalGoals, 17 Global Goals) & the New Urban Agenda, and a generous sponsor in the study on Blue Strategy Development of the Piraeus Municipality 2018-2024.

Within the framework of research and innovation, the Kokkalis Foundation has published over 14 books/studies, including issues of Innovation in Greece,  The Challenge of Social Policy Reform in the 21st Century, Turkish Foreign Policy and its Future, The Economic Effects of Sports in Greece, the Prospects for Reform in Greek Higher Education, Greece’s New Geopolitics, the Greek-Turkish Relations in the Era of Globalization, NATO and Southeastern Europe: Security Issues for the Early 21st Century etc.

November 29, 2019

The Kokkalis Foundation is a generous supporter of the New Urban Agenda publication, a UN publication translated and published in Greek by the NGO Earth Organization. The text was adopted by the United Nations Conference III, in Quito, Ecuador, on October 20, 2016. It...

November 29, 2019

The Kokkalis Foundation was a generous sponsor of the study prepared for the Blue Growth Strategy of the Piraeus Municipality 2018-2024, and under the supervision of the Planning Directorate of the Municipality of Piraeus. The Blue Growth Strategy of Piraeus seeks to f...

November 29, 2019

The Kokkalis Foundation is a generous supporter of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, 2015-2030 publication (# Citizens4GlobalGoals 17 Global Goals), edited and published by the NGO Earth Organization, in terms of its contribution to the global effort for th...

January 1, 2003

Keridis, Dimitris, Ellen Elias-Bursac, and Nicholas Yatromanolakis, Eds. | Dulles, VA: Brassey’s, 2003

This volume selectively presents the original work of promising young scholars who have participated in the first, second, and third Kokkalis Graduate Student Workshop...

January 1, 2003

Ian Lesser, Athens, 2003

The volume is a translation of the English Greece’s New Geopolitics, a study undertaken by the RAND Corporation with the support of the Kokkalis Foundation. The report is based on the proceedings of several roundtables in Greece and in the US an...

January 1, 2003

Martin, Lenore G. & Dimitris Keridis | Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2003

Since the end of the Cold War, Turkey has moved from the periphery to the center of Eurasian security. It is an important member of NATO and aspires to join the European Union.

With a landmass and po...

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