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Pilot Testing – IO2- Capacity Building Course for HR professionals

Kokkalis Foundation held a Pilot Testing Activity for HR professionals dealing with migrants, on February 26, 2021. Under Intellectual Output 2 of the HelpMi Project -Capacity Building Course for HR Professionals dealing with migrants in the work environments- Kokkalis Foundation organized a virtual training seminar with the participation of 15 HR professionals who deal with migrants and other professionals who were interested in enhancing their skills and competencies both professionally and personally. The aim of the Course is to create a task force of Mentors in work placement of social and cultural integration of migrants and provide skills and expertise towards that direction. Last but not least, to encourage the implementation of the suggested tools and trainings in several EU countries, where Multicultural Working Environments may flourish.

In order to implement the workshops and because of the ongoing restrictions in Greece due to the Covid pandemic, Kokkalis Foundation was compelled to organize the Course and presentations virtually and invite all participants to a Zoom meeting. Kokkalis Foundation approached its network by sending an invitation to a number of professionals from different organizations and companies: professionals who work with migrants in the labor market, are engaged in the field of social inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and who were genuinely interested in strengthening their skills, knowledge and competencies.

Participants represented different organizations/companies, (International Olympic Truce Center, Academy of Entrepreneurship, International Rescue Committee, Generation 2.0 for Rights Equality and Diversity, Organization Earth, ANIMA, Athirma, Solidarity Now, The Home Project etc.) and have direct contact with migrants and refugees in the work place, either working with them on different projects, and/or guiding them for their better social, cultural and at work integration. Professionals who provide services to people regardless of background, who recognize full human potential and aim at advocacy and Human Rights in our societies.

During the Course participants followed the presentation of nine Modules under two Sections. i.e., Communication & Mentoring. More specifically:

Ø Section I Communication_ Module 1: Cultural Intelligence

Ø Section I Communication _ Module 2: Communicating Across Cultures

Ø Section I Communication_ Module 3: Building on culture, identity and perception to create a better work environment

Ø Section II Mentoring_ Module 1: Leading and Following

Ø Section II Mentoring _ Module 2: Working Together

Ø Section II Mentoring _ Module 3: Assigning and Managing Tasks

Ø Section II Mentoring _ Module 4: Analyzing Issues

Ø Section II Mentoring _ Module 5: Making Decisions

Ø Section II Mentoring _ Module 6: Developing and Implementing Plans

The Capacity Building Material was a collective work of all 5 partners, who developed the modules. The material was presented during a virtual, short-term joint staff Training Activity, organized and held by Enoros Consulting, in November, 2020, in order to Train the Trainers.

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