The Kokkalis family is deeply grieved to announce the sudden passing
of their beloved Socrates S. Kokkalis Jr. at the age of 34, during a
business trip in Cleveland USA, on July 14, 2018.
Socrates S. Kokkalis was born in Milan in 1984. He graduated from Athens College and studied International Relations and Economics at the University of Boston. At a very young age, he started working in the INTRACOM and INTRALOT groups of companies. He was particularly interested in technology and as INTRALOT's Deputy Chief Executive Officer he led with his vision the restructuring of the products portfolio. In previous appointments he worked in the construction industry, as a member in INTRAKAT’s Board of Directors. At an early age also, he developed a passion for football and Olympiacos, and served in the teams Sponsorship Department while recently he held the position of the second Vice President of the Board.