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Country: Turkey

Burak Erdenir

Deputy Secretary-General, Secretariat General for EU Affairs, Turkish Prime Ministry

Burak Erdenir, a native of Turkey, holds a BSc degree from Middle East Technical University, Ankara and an MBA from Georgetown University. He received his PhD in Political Science and Public Administration from Ankara University and has been teaching at Bilkent University and Ankara University as a part-time lecturer. Erdenir has been senior expert at the European Union Secretariat General of the Turkish Prime Ministry, the governmental body which oversees Turkey’s pre-accession process for European Union membership and currently serves as Deputy Secretary-General.

Burak Erdenir is the author of the book European Identity: From Pan-Nationalism to Post-Nationalism and has published many articles on cultural issues and various aspects of Turkey-European Union relationship. Erdenir graduated from the Kennedy School Mason Fellows/Mid-Career Master in Public Administration program in June 2008.